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Body Blaze by Ignite ME

Body blaze by Ignite is more than a class it’s an experience!!! Our unique blend of high intensity strength and endurance training can be experienced by anyone of any fitness level. Bring a towel and come ready to BLAZE!!

Aerial Yoga

Fly with us as we combine elements of vinyasa yoga, aerial tricks, and fitness movements to decompress, invert, lengthen, stretch, strengthen, and evolve your body to new developments. Classes are taught with traditional yoga poses in a creative flow sequences while exploring aerial art, dance movements, inversion, core training and a 10-15 minute savasana at the end of every class.

Brazilian Booty Blast

Salute your glutes with our hyper intense and hyper fun blend of interval training. Each Class is designed to sculpt, tone, and lift those hard to reach areas.

Cardio Kick

Fusing martial arts, boxing, and cardio we provide a total body work out. Improve your strength, aerobic fitness, speed, flexibility, coordination, and balance with one of today’s most popular fitness trends. Kick, jab, and uppercut your way to a fitter you!!!